For several years I have provided several different types of training at the team level as well as at the organisation level… Below you will be able to find everything that I can help your organisation with.

Agile Training

Many companies are adopting Agile methodologies to help increase team performanceimprove customer satisfaction and increase value and growth opportunities. Organisations that have adopted Agile methodologies are able to respond to market dynamics faster and complete their projects successfully. To know more about Agile training check my page: Agile Training.

Innovation Training

Innovation is happening faster and faster and new competition arises from hidden corners. The ability to understand where innovations come from gives organisations the power to respond to these changes in non-obvious ways. To know more about Innovation Training check my page: Innovation Training.

OKRs Training

High-performance organisation is the one that works on tasks that are important, and is clear on what does not matter. OKRs inspire leaders to make hard choices and provide the focus needed to win. To know more about OKRs Training check my page: OKRs Training.

Successful innovation and product development ensures that your products stay competitive and that growth opportunities are not missed. In today´s complex world, this is a great challenge to any organisation.To know more about Product Development Training check my page: Product Development Training.

If you´re interested in any of these trainings, please feel free to use the button below to reach out to me and my team.


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What my customers say about me

Krzysztof Adamczyk

Luis is a very enthusiastic and open-minded person. While working with our team as an agile coach, he brought a lot of expertise, positive energy and ideas.
He does not focus on the methodology itself, but on effectively helping the team to reach their goals and improve

Krzysztof Adamczyk Co-Founder, Vice President of the Board @
Christophe Broult

Luis is a business focused agilist. I have seen him leading the delivery of a product involving multiple teams located in different countries. His strong analytic capabilities enabled him to perform some root cause analysis so that others could resolve integration issues on a complex software stack. I recommend him as a passionate team enabler.

Christophe Broult Senior Software Engineer Test @ Shutterstock
Fred Williams

I met Luis at AgilePrague, and got the chance to talk with him about our shared concerns. Luis is articulate, intelligent, and passionate.
Luis has the courage to challenge conventional wisdom, using facts to back up his contrarian positions.
I’m looking forward to working with Luis in the future. I personally recommend Luis as a speaker, coach, and consultant.

Fred Williams Founder @ Open Learning Center