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Scrum Master Role Everything What All Scrum Masters Need to Know

by Luís Gonçalves
Scrum Master Role


Hi guys, quite often people ask me where they can find a good Scrum Master Role description. A couple of months ago I needed to create one for the company where I currently work, and now I am going to share it with you.

Scrum Master Role:

The main goal of having a Scrum Master at a company should be to create stable and self-organised teams with a clear and engaging direction, help to identify and resolve organisational impediments, as well as educate the organisation on Agile Methodologies.

Main duties

Responsible for the Scrum Artefacts:
  1. Facilitating Planning
  2. Facilitating Grooming
  3. Facilitating Reviews
  4. Facilitating Retrospectives
  5. Helping the team to stay focused (e.g. by acting as a buffer between external, distractions and the team)
  6. Helping the team to maintain their scrum tools (Story board, Action board, charts, backlogs, etc.)
  7. Helping the team and the product owner to find a suitable Definition of Done and Definition of Ready
Developing and nurturing group dynamics:
  1. System Coaching
  2. Mediating through conflicts
  3. Helping the team to make decisions
  4. Fostering the developer team´s self-organization
  5. Mediating the general conflict of goals between development team and product owner
Serving as a mirror to the team:
  1. Reflecting Agile and Scrum values to the team
  2. Reminding the team of their arrangements
  3. Helping the team to improve their process continuously
  4. Reflecting issues to the team through observation from outside of the team
  5. Asking open questions
  6. Checking all the modules the team uses (Spring backlog, metrics, etc.) and show them differences between the model and the real world
Provide support to Product Owner:
  1. Helping to write or split user stories together with the team
  2. Contribute to write or adapt product visions
  3. Helping to order product backlog items
  4. Helping with the release planning
  5. Coaching the Product Owner on Impact Mapping or Story Mapping
Update himself to teach and mentor the team and organisation
  1. Continuous learning of everything related to  Agile (visit user groups, attend conferences, read books, write blogs, etc.)
  2. Consulting team members and foundation on Agile
  3. Helping team members to create information radiators
  4. Giving feedback to the team
  5. Encouraging the use of Agile Engineering Practices within the development team
  6. Challenging team with Agile Management Innovations (e.g. FedEx-Days)
  7. Exchanging knowledge with other Scrum Masters in the organisation ( e.g. Community of practices)
  8. Doing Gemba Walks
Responsible for helping the team to maintain the big picture:
  1. Bringing people together and let them talk to each other
  2. Keeping in touch with every stakeholder regularly
  3. Helping the team to report to management
  4. Contribute to spread the Agile Community within the organisation further
  5. Organisational exchange events like Open Spaces or World Cafes fort the team, its stakeholders, and organisation
  6. Sharing insights throughout the company through blogging, internal conferences, etc.
  7. Being a contact person for everyone in the team and the company who has any questions regarding Agile

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Special Thanks To:

Bernd Schiffer for his great blog “42 Tasks for a Scrum Master´s job” The blog was so great that I simply adapted the tasks and created a Scrum Master Role description, but 99% its his credit 🙂


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  1. Really amazing post, Luis. That’s a post that I would like to see everywhere and it exactly reflects the real work from a ScrumMaster perspective. You listed the duties and responsibilities so perfectly and complete that nobody else did before. I saved this link for my reference and I want to share it with people who ignores this beautiful role.
    Thanks much for sharing!

    1. Big thanks 🙂 Do not forget to give credits to Bernd Schiffer he was the original writer of this… I Just adapted 🙂 But 99% of the credit goes to Bernd 🙂


  2. Thank you for the share and wonderful information. I like the points mentioned under “Serving as a mirror to the team”

  3. Serving as a mirror to the team:
    6. … Spring backlog? what’s with Summer, Fall and Winter backlogs?
    Kidding aside: great Post, to the point, a great “check list”
    Thanks Luis!