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High Performing Teams: 14 absolutely mandatory things to enable them…

by Luís Gonçalves
high performing teams


Hi, guys, with this post I want to explain 14 different characteristics of High Performing Teams.

During the last two years, I have been developing myself in many areas outside of Agile Software Development.

One of the areas that I have studied a lot is about Organisational Relationship System Coaching (ORSC).

During this journey, I worked with an organisation, which developed a methodology that improves team performance – Team Coaching International.

This method mentions that teams must be strong in 14 different areas to become high performing teams. We have two major groups: Positivity and Productivity.

Positivity Characteristics of High Performing Teams


You can speak openly and freely about your team. Team members can count on each other and are reliable. We should tell the truth even if it´s uncomfortable.


The team members are empowered to contribute their best. There are a mutual respect and real concern. Characteristics such as contempt and hostility are not accepted.


Empathy, good humour and playfulness are appreciated. There is a strong sense of belonging to the team. The team members celebrate and take accomplishments.


Clear and efficient communication is appreciated. What is not valued are less direct approaches such as gossiping, stonewalling or politicising.

Constructive Interaction

Conflict can arise as a mean of opportunity for discovery, creativity and growth. The team should avoid defensiveness, criticising and finger pointing. The team should give and receive feedback on timely manners.

Values Diversity

The team is open-minded and appreciates differences in ideas, perspectives, backgrounds, personalities and approaches. Diversity is crucial.


The team shares an inspiring vision. The team members are enthusiastic and appreciative of each other. There is a strong spirit of fighting together for the goal.

Productivity Characteristics of High Performing Teams

Team Leadership

There is a strong sense of team leadership. Team members contribute when the need for their leadership happens. The team leader´s role is clear and supportive.


The team correctly manages available resources and training to meet its objectives. There is an atmosphere of “win-win” rather than “win-loose.”

Decision Making

The team has transparent and efficient decision-making processes, which is proved to be effective.


The team takes the initiative. The team is flexible in addressing opportunities, responding positively and creatively. Change is a core aspect of the team, but it is crucial for the rest of the organisation too.


There is clarity of roles and responsibilities. When problems occur, the team responds. Team members hold each other accountable for team results and team agreements.

Goals and Strategies

The team has clear, challenging targets and strategies to achieve them. The goals of the team are not defeated easily; they are strong.


The team values cooperation, coherence and interdependence. The team has a common mission and purpose.

If you want to be serious about this methodology, you can take TCI training and become a Certified Team Facilitator. This will allow you to run assessments within your teams and provide you with an exact picture of what´s going on in all 14 different areas.

My goal with this blog post is to help you reflect as a Scrum Master or Agile Coach. For now, I think it´s good enough if you start observing your team and start thinking what areas you could improve.

If you would do a workshop with the objective of improving team performance/relationship, what kind of exercises could you design to touch on these points?

Do you think this was useful for you? Please share your thoughts and leave your comments below.

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