10 Agile Retrospectives Exercises

What these exercises will give you
How many times your team complained that Agile Retrospectives are boring?

To keep a team motivated and involved the format of the Retrospective cannot be the same. With this package, you will be able to run Agile Retrospectives for half a year without repeating the same exercise again. Your team members will love you ;)

Each exercise will show you:

* What you can expect to get out of the exercise,
* When You should use the exercise and
* How to run it

  • Appreciation Exercise to Close Your Retrospective - This exercise will increase the positivity of your team
  • Instant Retrospective - The Instant Retrospective is a spontaneous way to create instant improvement.
  • Lego Retrospective - The LEGO Retrospective helps teams to express their thoughts in a playful way.
  • Kudo Cards - Through the use of this exercise, you can expect team members to feel appreciated by each other.
  • The 12 Principle Ice-Breaker - The intention of the exercise is harmless, as its objective is to allow the team to reflect on some characteristics of Agile to see where they think they can improve.
  • The mutant starfish - This exercise helps, as the original one, to identify problems and opportunities for the team using a simple visualization method.
  • DAKI –Agile Retrospective Exercise - You can expect a good feedback from the Scrum team about the process and issues that they have faced.
  • An Energizing Retrospective Plan - Occasionally we want to have a retrospective that will leave us energized and super excited to get going on actions, this exercise is a possibility.
  • Pictionary - When you first pitch the idea, expect to see smiles, eye rolls, and nervous laughter.Teams will be outside of their retrospective comfort zone, which will help them be vulnerable to each other, and contribute to creating team bonding.
  • Return Time Invested (RTI) - This exercise allows you to get qualitative and quantitative feedback in your sessions.

Scrum Master Assessment

With this assessment, you will be able to assess yourself as Scrum Master. You will be able to see what areas you should focus in order to develop yourself and become a great Agile Coach.

  • Scrum Artefacts
  • Service As Mirror To The Team
  • Engineering Practices
  • Develop And Nurture Team Dynamics
  • Help Product Owner
  • Create A Learning Organisation
  • Help The Organisation To Improve

Powerful Agile Team Building Workshop Agenda

How You Can Transform Underperforming, Demotivated And Frustrated Team Into High Performing Team Full Of Trust, Amazing Team Culture And With A Great Vision Towards One Common Goal!

  • See exactly how can you create teams out of individuals and how to gain trust among team members.
  • Find out root causes of dysfunctions on the team and how to fix it.
  • Discover ways how to improve collaboration and eliminate the conflict to achieve high performing team.