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Definition of Done Agile Everything You Need To Know

by Luís Gonçalves
DoD Meaning Definition of Done Agile


Hi, guys! During the last weeks, I have been coaching a couple of teams in the DoD Meaning: Definition of Done Agile. This topic always pops up. The topic itself is not a challenge, but in this blog, I would like to explain how teams can mature their Definition of Done Agile.

For the ones that are a bit distracted and do not know what Definition of Done (DoD) means, I will explain by referring to Wikipedia:

The exit criteria are used to determine whether a product backlog item is complete. In many cases, the DoD requires that all regression tests should be successful. The definition of “done” may vary from one Agile Team to another, but it must be consistent within one team.

But how can you as a Scrum Master or team push yourself to improve your Definition of Done?

Definition of Done Agile – How To Improve it

The answer is very easy, and what I will describe now is the process that I use with my teams.

Future DoD

When you create your Definition of Done, think about all of the tasks that must be done to put the story into production. Be imaginative and include everything, even tasks that might be out of your team control. Go for it, and include everything!

When you finish, you will get what I call the “Future Definition Of Done”. This is the most ambitious DoD that you will create.

Present Dod

The next step is to build a new Definition of Done. The team will use this Definition of Done. To make this DoD, just pick up the topics from the “Future Definition of Done” that the team can tackle at that moment.

Most probably, this will be a reduced list of what you created before. Do not worry that is fine. When you finish, you will have two different DoDs.

Now that you have two Definitions of Done, your job is to help the team pick a new topic from the Future DoD. This is achieved, for example, in the Agile Retrospectives. From time to time, you can use your Agile Retrospective to ask the team, “What is the new topic they would like to include on the current DoD?”

At some point, you will be able to move all the topics from the Future DoD to the current DoD. At that point, you should be proud because you are a very mature team.

If you have topics on the Future Definition of Done Agile that are out of your control, use them as usual impediments that you as a team would like to see solved. This might be tricky, but if you get the right support from management, you are helping the company to improve as a whole.

You are increasing efficiency by reducing the hand-overs and enabling the company to release software faster.

Hope you liked my idea! I would love to hear your feedback, so please leave your comments below.



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  1. Even from the perspective of a manager this is a very good process. You can see something about the maturity of the team and learn what aspects of production they already understand and what not. The way they choose their steps says a lot about their trust in their organization and own capabilities. I’ll definitely encourage my teams to try this.

    Good read, thx Luis

  2. Had experienced working with a performing team and they kept moving higher as they went with Devops. The team has to be mature and constant.