Luis Goncalves

Getting value out of Agile Retrospectives

Getting Value out of Agile Retrospectives helps you and your teams to do retrospectives effectively and efficiently.

With plenty of exercises, you can develop your own personal Retrospectives Toolbox to become more proficient in doing retrospectives and get more out of them.

  • How To Run a successful Agile Retrospective
  • Create Agile Retrospectives that are Fun and Engaging
  • How to Adopt Retrospectives in Your Company
  • And much more...

Get Rid of Performance Reviews

In this book you will find the explanation of all of the obvious and not-so-obvious reasons why Performance Reviews do not work. It also explains what you can do to create a High Performing Organisation without this deadly practice.

The secret to become an Agile Company is to become a Learning Organisation. This will be the focus of the last part, bringing all the pieces together and teach you how to assemble a company that will be able to tackle any issue on its own.

  • How to Design An Organisation Without Performance Reviews
  • Create an organisation that is able to crush the competitors
  • Step by Step explanation of how can companies remove any organisational impediment
  • Easy and simple way to connect company vision with daily operations
  • Step by Step explanation on how to create a culture of innovation and continuous learning
  • Ideas on creating a company with employees who are happy to wake up to come to work