Doing experiments – how to create Hypothesis and validate your Experiments


| Veronika Goncalves

Lean Change Management Model Lean Change Management is a book written by Jason Little, which shows how to implement successful change through examples of innovative practices that can greatly improve the success of change programs. Jason talks about the Lean Change Management Cycle, which consists of 3 big parts: Insights, Options and Experiments. INSERT PICTURE Let´s Read More…

Balanced scorecard the ultimate guide for leaders


How Many Objectives Balanced Scorecard
| Luís Gonçalves

If you’ve been following my blog for a while now, you know how I keep talking about goals, objectives, and metrics and this post will not be different, I will be talking about: balanced scorecard. Every business owner, manager, or leader understands the importance of these things. Without goals, you’re in a blind spot. Without Read More…