Learn How To Master Agile Retrospectives Without Spending Months Learning About Facilitation And Team Coaching
[Webinar] Agile Retrospectives 
30 August 12:00 (PST)
30 August 15:00 (EST)
30 August 21:00 (CET)

Luis Gonçalves

Agile Coach and Co-Author of the book: Getting Value Out Of Agile Retrospectives

Getting Value Out Of Agile Retrospectives

This pocket book contains many exercises that you can use to do retrospectives, supported with the “what” and “why” of retrospectives, the business value and benefits that they can bring you, and advice for introducing and improving retrospectives.
30 August, 2017
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You're Going To  Learn Some Of My Best Tips And Tricks These Include But Are Not Limited To:
  • Agile Retrospectives Antipatterns, What Are They And How Should We Avoid Them
  • Tricks To Get Improvements Done After The Retrospective Is Over
  • How To Get Concrete Action Items At The End Of Each Agile Retrospective
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