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Stop being ignorant! Agile is not synonymous of crappy quality

by Luís Gonçalves

Hi, guys this week I want to bring up a topic that, from my point of view, should be quite essential. But it is not. The world is changing at a fast pace, and fortunately, many of us understand that and want to change.

Every day I see people who worked for many years using old project management approaches and now are moving towards Agile. In general, this is good. They realise what they did in the past is soon outdated and they need to move on.

On the other hand, it is bad, because a lot of these guys believe Agile is a process and not a mindset. If you follow this, the outcome will be disastrous. But this is a topic for another post.

What I want to share today is related to the other part of the group that refuses to see the benefits of Agile. For those I have advice, read this book: Who Moved My Cheese? It is time for them to get over it. Agile is here to stay. Or you adapt yourself, or you will run out of a job pretty soon.

I wanted to write this blog post because today (the day that I am writing this) Tesla announced some exciting news. Changing essential characteristics of the car with a simple software update. Check it out here.

I am a Tesla fan, and of course, I am excited, these are great news. Not only for me but the rest of us.

Back in May, I wrote a blog post “5 Reasons Why Agile Does Not Work In Germany“. At that time I got a big amount of people bashing on my observations. Defending how German Automobile industry is an example for the rest of the world. It seems that my predictions are starting to become a reality.

Tesla is now showing to the world that changes are coming.. Can you imagine an electric car faster than a Ferrari, Porsche or Bugatti? But well, this discussion is not relevant to this blog post.

When I pushed this news to my Facebook Feed, I had a couple of people making fun of Agile Methodologies. “Agile will bring us so many things; I can already imagine weekly bugs releases. This will be so nice, instead of having one problem once, we will have weekly problems” etc.

I have a couple of comments to share on this topic. To be honest, onI should not even bother, because the level of their understanding ofAgile is so low that I should not care. But I am writing this to provide you (my readers) some ideas on how to debate (if you want) on this topic.

People that do not have a clue about Agile Methodologies use Agile as an excuse for the crappy quality that is shipped to the customer. People who defend this are completely ignorant about Agile Methodologies.

Of course, you will put crap out much faster. Agile Methodologies enable a huge decrease in time to market. If your product is/was always crap, this will be noticed 10x faster.

That´s why In Scrum, there is something called Definition of Done (DoD). This is an agreement towards quality. Everything that must be done to ship a product with an excellent quality is part of this list. It is normal not to be able to achieve full perfection from the beginning. That’s the reason why we should keep ourselves focused on improving the DoD.

A lot of times this poor quality exists because companies hire “Scrum Masters” or “Agile Coaches” that do not have a clue what they are doing. Agile is the new cool kid on the block. And it’s sad how often these laggards are the ones that are hired as Scrum Masters. After all, everyone can get a paper saying that she/he is a certified Scrum Master 😉

Companies also believe if they create fancy titles like “Agile Coach” they will be Agile. Nowadays everyone calls himself Agile Coach. So it’s entirely reasonable that we end up with indigent Agile Implementations.

When you hear people bashing on Agile, make sure that you understand where they come from. And try to understand their root causes… Of course, I believe in benefits of Agile, but many others still do not buy it and will spend a lot of time bashing about it.

Hope you liked the post, if you want to leave a comment, please do so below.


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Luis Gonçalves is an Entrepreneur, Author & International Keynote Speaker that works exclusively with Senior Executives of 7 to 8 figure businesses on the deployment of his game changing ‘Organisational Mastery’ Methodology.


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  1. “People that do not have a clue about Agile Methodologies use Agile as an excuse for the crappy quality that is shipped to the customer. People who defend this are completely ignorant about Agile Methodologies”.

    I couldn’t agree more!

  2. Hi Luis
    One of the key benefits of “Agile” is transperency. If you are doing crappy quality, it will become more visible, and then it is easy to blame the methodology… I agree with what you are saying.

    I’m not sure I agree to the need of “ideas on how to debate”. In my perspective Management ignorance cannot be talked away. I would recommend to spend your energy on the team instead. If you are doing well, you will over time show results, that not even an ignorant manager can overlook.

    This was one of the key lessons learned i faced in my “Agile Career”

  3. Not just the DoD, but also the ‘Technical Excellence’ part is often forgotten, even thought the Agile manifesto clearly has this as one of its princibles. ‘Continuous attention to technical excellence
    and good design enhances agility.’ A lot of people (Scrum Masters) have no clue what this means, entails and is coached. I like the way puts it: ‘Organizational Agility is constrained by Technical Agility: In other words, when you are slow in making changes to your product, then it doesn’t matter how you structure your teams, your organization or what framework you adopt, you will be slow to respond to changes.’